The cruises

The cruises

After a few years of planning and restoration, the ALK was set up so far that we could take longer cruises: in the Netherlands and Belgium, to France and Germany. Meanwhile, we have extended our range to the North Sea and the Baltic Sea.

Planning 2019



My planning for the year 2019

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Summer 2018



From Venlo/NL via Strasbourg, the Rhine and Main to the Danube

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Spring 2018



Dutch cities of the Golden Age

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Summer 2017 



From Venlo/NL via Paris to Basel/Suisse

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Spring 2017 



Dutch Fortified Towns and Old Hanseatic cities

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Summer 2016:


The Polish Coast 

In 2016 we sailed over the canals to Berlin and then on the river Oder to the Baltic Sea coast.
Our plan was from Swinemünde in about 1 week on the Baltic Sea to go to Gdansk.
But ...

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Eastern 2016:


Rotterdam, Kinderdijk 

End March downstream via Maas, Waal and Lek to Kinderdijk.

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May 2016:


Willemstadt, Antwerp 

At the end of April - beginning of May, downstream via Maas - Waal - Meuse to Zeeland. Then via the Scheldt-Rhijn Canal to Antwerp. Back we sail via Albertkanal to the Maas at Maastricht.

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Sommer 2015:



Danish Islands, Copenhagen

In the summer of 2015 we crossed the German canals to the Elbe, then over the Kiel Canal to Kiel. In a large arc we have surrounded the Danish islands and then came from Copenhagen with a small detour to Sweden again in Lübeck on the German canals.

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Eastern  2015:



Tiel, Dordrecht, Den Bosch 

Zum Auftakt der Saison 2015 machten wir eine Tour über Maas und Waal nach Tiel und Dordrecht. Von dort ging es dann nach Den Bosch und über die Brabanter Kanäle zurück zur Maas bei Maasbracht. Dann maasabwärts wieder nach Venlo.

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Sommer 2014:



German Baltic Coast with Rügen

In the summer of 2014 we cruise via Berlin and the river Oder to the Baltic Island Rügen. Along the coast, we headed back over the Kiel Canal and the river Elbe and the Mittellandkanal.

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Spring 2014:




Um vor der grossen Sommertour 2014 noch einmal das Boot zu testen bin ich in drei Tagen die Maas stromaufwärts bis nach Maaseik/Belgien gefahren.

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Summer 2013:



Round Belgium

In these very warm summers we cruise through Belgium. Via the Kempische canals to Antwerp, the Scheldt to Ghent and further to Bruges. Then with the old ships' lifts and the oblique plane to Brussels and over the Albert Canal and the Meuse back to Venlo.

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Summer 2012:




Over the IJsselmeer to Groningen; The North German canals to the river Weser and via Mittellandkanal, the Elbe side channel and the Elbe-Lübeck canal to Lübeck. Then we went over the Mittellandkanal and the Rhine / Waal back to the Meuse.

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Summer 2011:



Round Maas - Mosel - Rhein

On the river Meuse we go upstream trough the Ardennes to France. Then downstream on the Mosel we sailed to the Rhine and over the Maas-Waal-Kanal back to the Meuse..

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Summer 2010:




In a great loop, we crossed Zeeland, passed Brussels, through the north of France to the river Seine. Then we sailed upstream to Paris. From there over the rever Marne and the numerous locks of the Canal de l'Est back to the Meuse.

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Summer 2009:




The first long cruise with the ALK brought us via Maas - Wal - Rhine to the Mittellandkanal and further to Berlin. On the same way we went back again.

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