The engineering

The m/s ALK was built 1956 as double-ender, round-chine cutter with closed wheelhouse.

Alk bug k 

 Under the number 9737 B Rott 1956 the ship was registered in the cadastre of Rotterdam.


The 5 mm steel plates of the hull are riveted to the frames and welded together.

After the conversion from the tug/service boat to the motoryacht the ship offers berthing for max. 6 persons: in aft cabin (4 single beds) and forward cabin (1 double bed).







The Rumpf

Displacement 21 t

Length 13,00 m

Beam 3,65 m

Draft 1,5 m

Minimum height with tilted mast and antenna holder 3,05 m



Motor and Tank

perkins76hdPerkins 4 HD76 (HD* = Heavy Duty)

Heavy Duty =

according to ISO 3046 designed for fishing boats, tugs and ferries, which are continuously operated up to 5000 hours per year.

Build 1994

Power in HP: 77 HP

Power in kW: 56,7 kW

Cylinder Capacity: 3.857 cm3

Cylinders: 4 Zylinder

Engine Speed: 2.250 U / min

Maximales Drehmoment: 248 Nm

Drehzahl bezogenes Drehmoment: 1.600 U / min

Motor dry weight: 453 kg

Length: 1.143 mm

Width: 643,7 mm

Total height: 774,7 mm

Consumption on average over the last years 3.8 L/h at 9 km/h


Diesel tank 2000 Liter

The diesel tank holds about 2000 liters. This results in a range of about 3,000 miles or 5500 km. From this tank is then filled with a pump the day tank - better it should be called it week-tank. In this case, the diesel passes through a coarse filter and a fine filter so that no impurities can enter the day tank.
diesel pomp m


Right: over this pump can diesel

- be filled from a canister into the day tank or the large oliebunker:

- be pumped out of the Oliebunker in the day tank

The diesel is cleaned by a coarse filter and a fine filter (Racor 500 FE) from dirt and water.


Alk Tagestank

Day-tank (Week-tank) 180 Liter Right of the cleaning opening a oil-level glass. The adjustable O-rings allow the initial level to be adjusted and the consumption in mm (to be counted in liters) can be read off.
From the daytank the fuel runs through a separate double filter (SEPAR - SWK 2000/5W) so that the filter can be cleaned and changed if the engine is running.
A further fine filter is located directly on the engine 





ruder m

Steering system

Hydraulic steering system

Rudder blade: 100 cm x 80 cm




Radio:  Navman 7100 VHF DSC-D 24

AIS:  Comar CSB 200 


Heating: Hot water heating Webasto 2010

Boiler: capacity 60 liters is heated by engine or heater or 230 volt heating element

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