The history

The ALK was built in 1956 by Gebrs. van Grevenstein Jacht en Scheepswerf te IJsselmonde.

In this shipyard, leisure and professional ships have been built since 1926 under the guidance of the owners, the brothers van Grevenstein

Alk Bauzeichnung m

alk slikkerveer1957

The Alk was built as a service boat / tugboat for use on the shipyard. Of course it was also used on the weekend for a family trip - as here in the photo from 1957. Later, it was then converted by one of the owners of the shipyard to its private motoryacht.

schetsplan m


26.10.1956 Under the number '9737 B Rott 1956' registered in the cadastre as  "Alk" steel motor-tug.
32 years in service of the shipyard as a tugboat / service boat.
01.05.1987 Sketches of Mr. A.U. Van Grevenstein to convert the ALK to his private motoryacht
05.04.1988 m/s Alk is transfered to Dhr. A.U. Van Grevenstein (one of the three owners of the shipyard).
15.04.1992 Construction drawings for the reconstruction in today's form


1993 Casco Alk

The Alk after their conversion, ca. 1993

advertentie m

Advertisement in the magazine "Boten" Issue 17 of 11 Sept. 2003



Sale Casco and (dismantled) engine to Mr. A.V.

Renamed to Jacob Sabina

New plans for rebuilding as a motoryacht

Juni 1998

Window frames (insulating glass) for fl.18.172, - (!) ordered;

Glass 10mm; Air gap 10mm; Glass 8 mm (according to Lloyds classification)  

18.02.2002 Purchased by R.Y. From Rotterdam
new name Beyond : Beyond
The old Mercedes engine from 1956 is replaced by a Perkins 4HD76
28.10.2003 Purchased by N. Bauer; The first name ALK returns; Interior construction as motoryacht by N. Bauer

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